Live out LAUT

"LAUT" in German directly translates to "loud", but it also means to show distinction. Whether you want to set trends or embrace a more minimal personal style, our goal is to create phenomenal tech accessories that help you stand out. At LAUT, we’re fashion obsessed — constantly searching for the latest trend to bring to your device. We create designs to fit your aesthetic, and not the other way around. With our products, you can truly #LiveOutLAUT.

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Combining fashion and function — no compromises

With over 10 years of experience creating tech accessories, we founded LAUT in 2013 so that people would no longer have to choose between style and protection when looking to accessorize their devices. Peace of mind and self expression are important to us, so we thought that they should go hand in hand.

Delivering peace of mind

That mini heart-attack when you drop your phone is the worst feeling in the world. LAUT is here to help protect you against that! The importance of protecting your phone is at the forefront of our development process here at LAUT. That is why our team sends our products through a series of drop tests to ensure the ultimate safeguarding for your devices. As an industry leader in safety, some of our cases are even made to withstand a 22ft drop! With LAUT, you can have the peace of mind that your device is always protected.

Facing Forward

At LAUT, we’re committed to honesty. Honesty in value, life, and expression. We work tirelessly to create the best products. As a company, we are committed to giving back by sharing a portion of our profits with organizations around the world in honor of our international fans and team members. To view more about organizations that we have collaborated with in the past, check out LAUT Causes. In addition to giving back, LAUT is also dedicated to sustainability re-thinking our approach to packaging. We now use recycled materials in our packaging and ensure these already recycled materials can be recycled again. Learn more about our green journey on our sustainability page. It is our ultimate goal that LAUT fans can find true honest expression through our products.

LAUT is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with other offices in Hong Kong and the USA making our perspective on fashion and design truly international.

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